Terms & Conditions

Historica Terms and Conditions


  • Deposits as specified on the booking form are required to reserve a place on an advertised tour
  • Deposits are refundable in only two circumstances:
  • Where Historica cancels the tour due to insufficient patronage.
  • Where a customer exercises his or her right to cancel a booking when, at the  time of  purchase the  price of the exceeds the  “predicted price” of air travel indicated in the  original publicity.


  • Flights
  • Historica does not book air flights and therefore the price of the tour as advertised does not include the flight component. The booking of air flights is therefore the responsibility of the customer.
  • Historica, when publicising its tours, will, for each tour involving air transport, indicate a “predicted price”. This is to assist budgeting by the customer. The predicted price is an estimate of the price that the customer will pay when he or she comes to purchase the flight.

Confirmation of Tour

  • A tour is described as confirmed when sufficient customers have reserved a place for the tour to be viable.
  • When sufficient customers have reserved a place on any tour they will be informed that the tour is now viable and will run.
  • When the tour is confirmed customers should book flights as specified by Historica and immediately inform Historica that they have done so. In no circumstances should customers book a flight prior to receiving notification of confirmation.
  • In the event of the actual flight price being in excess of the predicted price customers will have their right to cancel their reservation. For the avoidance of doubt the predicted price indicates the price without hold luggage.