Istanbul by Air:10-15 September 2020.

Byzantine Art and Architecture.

In 324 the Emperor  Constantine made the momentous decision to establish a new centre of power for the  Roman Empire on the banks of the  Bosphorous, thus  creating one of the  great cities of the  Mediterranean  world. For a thousand years this  city flourished  as the  great centre of medieval Greek  culture ,and we will explore the  glories  of  this flowering of Byzantine culture in the  Roman Empire’s second city.  

One day will be devoted to the monuments in  the historic centre, including Haghia Sophia ,Haghia Eirene ,the Hippodrome and the former church of St Sergius and St Bacchus .  There will be a tour of the area around the fifth century Theodosian walls which will include a visit  to the late Byzantine mosaics at the former church of St Saviour  in Chora, and  the ruins of the Blachernae Palace, finishing up at the  Suleimaniye Mosque. There will be a half day tour  of   the old Greek  district  of Fener which will include a visit to the Greek Orthodox Patriachate, and the  Church of St Mary of the Mongols, the only pre conquest Greek church to survive as a church. There will be free time   for people to soak  up the atmosphere of the Ottoman city and visit the Topkapi palace, The Grand Bazaar, and  the Blue Mosque.  Accommodation will be in a hotel just round the corner from the Blue Mosque.

Cost  will include, five  nights bed and breakfast, coach travel to non central sites in Istanbul, the services of an experienced local guide, and transfers to and from the airport at Istanbul

Cost will be: £ 491 per person for people  sharing a double room. Single  supplement  £54 Predicted Air Fare  £320. Flights from Heathrow

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